Is Print Media Disappearing?

person writing on white paper

Close your eyes for a second and try to think of a print advert that comes to your head right now. Well Think of the reason why you remember. There are one of three reasons you remember it. There was an eye catching graphic, or there was a memorable text or it was in an unexpected location. 

Advertisement has always been a common source of information and a great way to showcase services and products offered by different businesses. Print media was the original form of Advertisement after word of mouth. This has made it one of the most learned and explored forms of advertisement. 

Businesses and corporations have spent billions over the years in the research of what might potentially be the best advertising tool. And print media still holds its place in the advertising world. I have always wondered what makes it so efficient that even after new amazing and technological ways have come up print media has managed to keep a firm foot in the advertising business.

According to Rick Lobes from Chicago now Print media is depleting due to different factors like reading preferences that the print media society has lagged to change for example, the newspapers that have been in the same shape and form for its whole life with just minor adjustments. Other factors would be environmental conservation due to usage of paper in print media and environmental conservation

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