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I should probably be lying if I say that I wrote this as I always write things from what I felt, saw
or what I went through.
Death is the escape of the soul from the body. I wonder why I am speaking of death today of all
days, well I was scrolling my status list and i saw this,

When people we love die they take with them a part of us, the part we occupied in their hearts.
They become memories, and we miss them when the songs they liked pop up on playlist, we
miss them when we see their photos, we miss them when we’re in the situation and we know
exactly that they could have helped, we miss them when the moment we had together cross
our minds, we miss them when we think of them.
Ripples of tears are the way our eyes use to express love but let’s our tongue say it while we are
still alive, let’s our hearts feel it while we still have time, let’s our actions express it too.
Pick up that call, don’t ignore it. Text them, call them, and tell them you love them.
It might be me, it might be you, we never know cause days don’t tell and we are too blind to
see that.
May retired souls find Eternal peace and may love and peace flow in the lives of those souls
whom we care about, love and whom we are still together.

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