“We are black nation”

protester in a costume with his fist raised

When I was born, I was black.
when I grew up I was still black
Even now am black this is,
Not because I hate being black but,
I am really proud of my skin color.

One isn’t necessarily born with the courage,
But one is born with the potential,
As black people we don’t loose hope,
I know they said that we were colonised,
Yes!we don’deny but also we strived for our independence.

We have been suffering many years ago,
But now look is like we lead those white people
No matter how they still hate us,
We may encouter many defeats
But we must not be defeated.

Black people ,we are the sum total of everything,
We have seen,heard,eaten,smelled,been told,forgot,
Everything influences each us and because of that,
We tried to make sure that what we have through don’t make us to loose hope or to be defeated,
But keep inspiring us to keep going on because the journey is still long.

We have been on planet where colonisation was,
We were on the planet where hatred dominated
We were in darknight full of wars,
Slavery allover,we suffered a lot,
But we tried to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

As black people,we were considered as loosers,
We were rejected from many things,
Our rights were violated but we didn’t stop fighting for our freedom.

We are black people with full of hope,confidence
Through what we have been through,
We strived for having better future and now,
We are greatest leader in this world,
Once in our lives we build a united planet.

Being black is not a shame ,but is a pride
Our personality today is what made us to,
Achieve what we thought we wouldn’t do.
We are proud of being a black nation and,
we still have to keep our planet united
Coz that what raised us up here.

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