Who sowed injustice in the world, original design or man?

multicolored abstract painting

Origin, no one knows about it. Neither tales of ‘holy’ scriptures nor assumptions of
scientists fully explain our origin. We’ve made a huge progress though; we no longer
have very hilarious and wacky mythological stories about origin. From man and
woman dreaming of God dreaming of them (Mukiritare–native American myth), to
Purusha with 1000 heads being sacrificed (a Hindu myth), to Pan Gu who slept for 18000 years and his wake-up stretching shattered a giant egg he’s been in and boom-
everything became how we currently see them, and to many others…we got rid of
such funny tales. Are the current at least lying on some intelligent basement? I’m
afraid the future humans will look back in history and wonder too; wonder if our
heads contain intelligent brains. Whatever it might be though; be it creation by the
Almighty in which man looked like how he is today, be it Big Bang and then evolution
by methods like natural selection-we’ve always been, as still are, troubled by truth
of origins. But why so? Why do we spend enormous part of our time and our
precious efforts hunting clues to figure out the beginning of everything?

Personally, I don’t know why, I can’t tell the real reason. “Some seek knowledge for
the sake of knowledge: that’s curiosity;” wrote Bernard of Clairvaux, “others seek
knowledge so that they themselves may be known: that’s vanity. But there are still
others who seek knowledge in order to serve and edify others: that’s charity.”
Whatever your motif is, there are people who could use that knowledge, if known,
for greater good. If I’m to know the origins, I can check only on the true order of
life-how it was really meant to be. Of course, concentrate my focus on people since
I’m one. I would really love to know if we were designed to behave the way we do,
what lies behind our indifference, and if we correctly use them like whoever sparked
life wanted them to be.

First and foremost, I always wonder why truth has never been universal, not even for
a second. I mean in humans since in principle truth is meant to be one and universal.
The human race have never agreed on a single thing, not even once. The point is: the
truth is one, but people never capture it as so. We, always made it subjective.
Religion, science, philosophy, ethics, ownership, et cetera; no truth is taken for
whole: from a person to another or from a group of people to another, their truth
varies. And what makes it worse, considering how societies function and how
they’ve always functioned, subjectivity of truth caused problems. People conflict,
fight, kill, exterminate, destroy….in order to defend their truth and push it onto
others. Who can count deaths and casualties of crusades? Who can count people
dying due to wars over the imaginary lines we called boarders? A step further, if we
(people) can’t perceive truth universally and have figured out so, why can’t it be
corrected? Even with this knowledge, plenty of us still want to force their truth into
others. If I was to know the origins, the nature of truth would be the first to check

on. Is it really universal? If it is, why don’t we perceive it as so? If not, do we have to
fight over it? Is it our mission to sustain universality of truth?

Moreover, does the design show the fair distribution of wealth? I wish I knew what
origins says. Probably I won’t feel so sad to watch the drama of unfair distribution of
world resources: one owning more than a country’s budget as millions of others die
of hunger, if we were designed to live like that. And if it’s the opposite, my life would
be worth a sacrifice. I can’t be stopped even à la force du guillontine. Ever spent like
a complete day without eating? It’s severely painful to feel the stomach grinding only
atoms of air you inhale while grieving. Was the universe created to self-sustain that
we (its components) altered its primary orientation and effects come back to us with
no mercy to expect? The rich are growing richer and the poor with their hunger and
high mortality rate are growing poorer. It doesn’t seem natural, but history kind of
says a different story. It’s as if this has always been the case. Slaves, even many
millennia B.C, were treated like hated pets; Roman, Greek, Babylon, or Egyptian
stories can depict it more than I can ever explain. Nevertheless, Winnie Byanyima,
the executive director of UNAIDS, still got hopes. “The widening gap between rich
and poor,” she said “is not just a natural phenomenon. It is a sign that much of what
we have been doing, especially in terms of models of economic growth, has been
wrong.” If she isn’t just being optimistic and truth be told, we have crowned the
wrong as right; indeed, throughout history there have always been the hungry as
well as the rich throwing food. Its solution must be coded in design of life that can be
seen in origins.

Normally, different colors creates life in a paint or in any other visual art. Da Vinci
must have got a terribly hard work to depict life with only a single color in his ‘Mona
Liza’. Can the pale brown on arms of the woman in paint tell the pale blue, which is
in the far background, that it serves a more important role? Can either color rank
itself superior? I don’t guess so. Is it that I can’t hear language of billiard balls to get
their conflicts? :-I can see the beautification they made together though. “They
aren’t intelligent to do so,” someone told me; and I wondered if intelligence
correlates with foolishness of the wrong. I would choose having no intelligence
instead of acting foolish with it packed in my head. With even higher education
levels that slices human physiology in details, people are still giving their fellow
humans a hard time. How can Martin Luther King Jr, Tubman Harriet, or Franklin D.
Roosevelt react to current our “Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal
than others” mode of life even after their whole-lifetime advocacy and blood
sacrifice they gave for the true order of complementarity? Jean Paul Sartre watched
all this chaos in the human race and called it ‘nausea’, so can I. What really keeps de

facto segregation, racism, xenophobia (over imaginary boundaries we established),
and hate flaming in humans even after all possible knowledge of the truth? Was it
meant to be the way it is? I’m pretty sure that the origins have answers to all
questions. If I were to know origins, I would read the why.

All in all, my curiosity would be to only satisfy ‘was is meant to be like this?’ If yes,
then wipe my tears and accept my fate as designed. That’s when I can’t change a
thing though. But if it’s no, why can I let my tears to flow silently? Maybe my blood
would be the threshold of permanent change; blood that was missing for the vessel
to be completely full to clean all the mess man created.

(N.B: The first pronoun used throughout this essay doesn’t necessarily mean ME!)

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