grayscale photography of woman

I try to smile
I try to lie
With my eyes that i won’t cry
With my heart that i am fine
But you’re there always Why?
You have no part in our lives
We want you out of our lives
We won’t let you destroy our lives.
We will face you no matter the cost
Even if there are many things we already lost
Because of you most .

Worst enemy of all the times
Breaking heart of people from miles to miles
Laughing when our inner powers dies.

U’re such a dumb ass
Word with no class
Song with no verse
In all events you ain’t a fan
Search for friends you will get none
I would advice you to run.

In the name of our cries
“we say out”.
In the name of our failures
“we say out”.
In the name of our barriers
“We say out”.
In the namw of our people
“we say get out of our lives”.

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