A woman

A woman is a fighter A woman is a heroin
All women out there deserve respect , love , affection and support and you can ask yourself why ? Here is the answer
All strong women out there have been in a tough life , they were a time when even it was hard for them to breath but they didn’t quite , they kept fighting … When They were love deprived at a very young age and they were no one to support them but they kept fighting .
Be as a lover ,Mother, wife, daughter , sister , friend they all walked with broken hearts but life didn’t stop , their bad lucks pushed them to look for the good lucks.
Some of them are victim of depression suicide , others faced domestic abuse , victims of rape , victims of gender inequalities  but they continue to be the stars of the world .
Women fights unseen war not only theirs they even fight  for others  , it’s nah easy to walk with broken pieces but they overcome for the sake of the  people who loves and care for them and for theirselves .
A times they are no heros to save them , they decided to be their own heroes that the true meaning of a strong woman.
A strong woman don’t point fingers to others , they just stand and deal with everything. To be a strong woman doesn’t mean that she don’t cry , she cries and wipes her tears and stand up then keep fighting , most strong women were one day little girls with broken hearts.
Strong woman don’t seek for revenge they move on and let karma do there dirty work, they don’t play victims and they don’t look pityful. 
Women are the diamond that shines in every darkest place of the world.

Respect a Woman , love her and support her .

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