I want to cry so bad
But even my tears seem not to obey me!
I want to cry,
I crave relief,
Should I listen to that silently crying loud voice inside my head?
Listen to its delighting call?
The knife on my night stand looks like a snack on starless lonely nights
Ready to be savoured..
If I cut them veins, will I be okay?
Wait, but I don’t hate my existence
I just hate this life..
I want to cry
And I crave for relief
And yeah I have friends!
They won’t understand I swear
However I know I didn’t try to try
My trust and force are as exhausted!
I want to feel happy for my friends
And I really am
Ohhh maybe not!
Or I’m just loosing my mind?
I want to get out of this hell
I want a life!
Or I will go for the knife…
Heavens come rescue me..I reside in you my tormented soul!
My trust and force are as exhausted!
Jade said~

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