I live in doubts
Wondering if tomorrow I’ll be crowned
I could be living my life
But I’m stuck

My time has come
After all this is a blessing in disguise
Correcting the underdone
Meditating at 3 am

We waste our energy
running after unnecessary thing
it takes seconds to fall
I don’t want to be just a memory

Is my death near?
I live to smile
But what’s the point if I can’t breathe
I’m a mess

I used to be a goddess
But now I’m a mess again
It was my last time to write a love song
And I can’t even play guitar

I live for revolution
But not what destroys a nation
I’ve lost my sense of fashion
I’m begging for change

I’ve grown spiritually
And I know what I want to become
I’ve got to tune in
And build my own empire.

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