Though Hope is frail, It’s hard to kill

There are times when we feel afraid. There are days that takes too long to end, there are times when we wonder if we will make it to the next day. There are times when we ask ourselves if we will see the sunset again, if we will meet our friends and colleagues again or if we will get to be in that special someone’s arms again. Sometimes we feel so anxious to the point we see life as something with no taste, something which has to be ended.

My message to you today is this: Close your eyes, breathe and have hope. Remove those lenses through which you perceive life as tasteless. Gather some courage and be optimistic. Yeah I know, life is a bitch and sometimes shit happens but you only have this one day to be happy, to live, to love and to take good care of yourself.

There is that one song of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston and I love the line where they sing things like “there can be miracles when you believe, though hope is frail it is hard to kill’’. Smile though there might be no reason for you to smile, trust in God or the Universe or whatever Higher power you might be believing in and the last but not the least, make sure that you stay healthy and safe.

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