Girl in a bunch of girls
Inside out, she reflects smiles, love and care
Knowing that she’s round, strengthens me
Us, we are the A team
Nothing is better than her stay in the corner
Darling of this small heart
Inner soul never lies, she s open like a book
Real smile but she needs you when she is sad
One and only I want to share my time with.


But why did you played with it as small it is?
You stopped me from falling to someone….
else everytime I doubted you!
I opened every door for you, I left hoes for you
Why Didn’ t I see this coming from the start
I feel a big hole you left, victims will fall inside
Love I gave you was my purest in a long time
Leaving like that ,broke every point I’ve built
Be happy baby, I wish you a happy life
Openly I say, a part of my burden is falling
Know one thing, I‘ll be ok too.

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