Receive, Grow, and Give

There really is no virtue in poverty. The acceptance of poverty as one’s
fate is a mental disease that should be eradicated from people’s
thought and lives. As Wallace Wattles goes on to say in his “Wealth is
Health. Poverty is the Root of All Evil!” You are here to grow, expand
and develop spiritually, mentally and materially.
There’s no virtue in poverty as some have made themselves believe.
You can be rich and still live the simple comfortable life you’ve always
wanted. God doesn’t want us to be poor he wants is to prosper, but
how are we to prosper being eaten away by hunger.
I’d like to argue the fact that there has always been and always will be
poverty among us for a reason, but first let’s clarify something, settling
into poverty or looking for poverty as a way to be close to God or rise
up spiritually is not what I’m going for here. This is exactly what I’m
against it, beats the point of prosperity.
Poverty is not a problem or fault to anyone who has fallen prey to
misfortune, but the acceptance of it with plans to remain so, saying “It
is God’s will” is something we should all prevent our hearts from saying.
God wants us to be healthy, he wants us to be happy and also be able
to provide for not only ourselves but those who surround us because as
soon as we’re born our actions do not affect is alone. It brings about a
narrowed down or small-scale – if you perceive it so, butterfly effect.
Your poverty could bring down an economy, but it all starts with those
around you. With poverty comes hardships that are truly uncalled for
and in these circumstances we see a forty year old as old as his
grandfather – in appearance, was when he died at the age of ninety.
But poverty shall remain, to show the goodness of our souls because in
those acts goodwill we shall bring more people to God.

But to the giver, beware of the methods of your donations. Money can
solve lots of problems but in the wrong persons hands it creates or
acquires more problems. God puts emphasis on goodwill but also calls
on us to use our heads. You are not going to hand an alcoholic or drug
addict money knowing that they can probably buy drugs or alcohol on
the next street corner. You are going to give them food and clothes and
maybe provide them a place to stay.
Poverty is a problem but the way we help our brethren out of it is main
goal. We are not here to spoon feed, but to ease their way out of their
hard life. Get them a job if they’re willing to work, give them clean
clothes and means for a bath so they can go to their next interview. We
no longer look at things in such a way. All we want is to give and to be
seen giving, everything is for show nowadays. But here’s the sad truth if
you wish to know it all the flashy acts that are bragged about and done
with intention for praise from others are instantly nullified in the eyes
of God. No-one should know by your mouth or by any intention of
yours of your good acts.
We should all strive to grow and help or brothers and sisters grow too
in all the aforementioned ways. We’ve all settled into our positions in
life, but we should all strive for great heights because with our God
given minds who knows what length of success we could achieve.
Receive, grow, give and help others in their growth. Unselfishly open
doors for others because we all lift each other up in life.

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