I want to cry so badBut even my tears seem not to obey me!I want to cry,I crave relief,Should I listen to that silently crying loud voice inside my head?Listen to its delighting call?The knife on my night stand looks like a snack on starless lonely nightsReady to be savoured..If I cut them veins, willContinue reading “DÉPRESSION”

“We are black nation”

When I was born, I was black.when I grew up I was still blackEven now am black this is,Not because I hate being black but,I am really proud of my skin color. One isn’t necessarily born with the courage,But one is born with the potential,As black people we don’t loose hope,I know they said thatContinue reading ““We are black nation””

Through The Lens

By Gessy Robin Gislain The experience of the young Rwandan photographer in Canada. As a Rwandan photographer in Canada, actually, as just a regular black man in a country that is not my own and trying to build my craft, there is really intense and hard. We, mostly Africans put these countries in Europe and America onContinue reading “Through The Lens”

Who sowed injustice in the world, original design or man?

Origin, no one knows about it. Neither tales of ‘holy’ scriptures nor assumptions ofscientists fully explain our origin. We’ve made a huge progress though; we no longerhave very hilarious and wacky mythological stories about origin. From man andwoman dreaming of God dreaming of them (Mukiritare–native American myth), toPurusha with 1000 heads being sacrificed (a HinduContinue reading “Who sowed injustice in the world, original design or man?”