I live in doubtsWondering if tomorrow I’ll be crownedI could be living my lifeBut I’m stuck My time has comeAfter all this is a blessing in disguiseCorrecting the underdoneMeditating at 3 am We waste our energyrunning after unnecessary thingit takes seconds to fallI don’t want to be just a memory Is my death near?I liveContinue reading “REBIRTH”

Days full of loneliness

Days full of lonelinessNight full of darknessStreet emptyRivers flowing redThe sun was no longer smillingThe moon and stars were also asleep. I lost kanezaMugisha was nowhere to be foundDivine my best friend is nowUnable to write her beautifulStories that i enjoyed so verymuchOh what void fills my heartWhenever i remember them! God sent an angel,HeContinue reading “Days full of loneliness”

Through The Lens

By Gessy Robin Gislain The experience of the young Rwandan photographer in Canada. As a Rwandan photographer in Canada, actually, as just a regular black man in a country that is not my own and trying to build my craft, there is really intense and hard. We, mostly Africans put these countries in Europe and America onContinue reading “Through The Lens”